How Laser Cutting Services Can Benefit Your Business

How Laser Cutting Services Can Benefit Your Business

Published on February 2nd, 2023

It’s no secret that laser cutting is a cutting method that has exponentially grown in popularity over the last few years. You may be wondering what makes laser cutting so popular and whether it deserves the acclaim it is receiving. Read on to discover how laser cutting services can benefit your business.

Smooth Cuts

If you or any of your employees handle metal after traditional metal cutting shears slice it, you know that the results can be jagged and sharp. While you would never touch the metal without wearing proper protection, additional safety precautions can slow things down. Thankfully, laser cutting is a process that melts metal instead of tearing through it, meaning this method leaves behind smooth cuts.

Top-Tier Productivity

If you have the right laser working for you (and if your metal thickness is within the ideal range), laser cutting is a fast process—faster than plasma cutting! This factor means that you’ll have your products ready for the next stage of their journey much more quickly.

High Accuracy

Not every cut results in a straight line—if only things were that simple! When you need to produce specific shapes with traditional metal cutting shears, you’d be lucky if the final product bore a passing resemblance to your intended shape. With laser cutting, achieving the exact shape becomes much easier. When you need to produce something unique, there’s no substitute for a process like laser cutting. The best part is that laser cutting has an accuracy of +/- 0.0005 inches, which leads to remarkable consistency.

We perform all our laser cutting services on four fiber laser cutting machines, ranging from 6 kW to 12 kW on a 25’ table. If you require custom laser cutting services for metal or steel, send us your drawing or a CAD file, and we’ll give you a fast quote!

Now that you know how laser cutting services can benefit your business, consider whether laser cutting can boost productivity and improve your final product. If you’re in need of accurate cuts and quick turnarounds, laser cutting is the way to go.

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