How to Choose A Reliable Steel Service Center

Published on April 30th, 2020

If you are going to buy steel, it is important to find a good company that can offer you all the steel you need at a price you are comfortable paying. For something as demanding as steel processing, your business needs a company that will get all your requirements. At California Steel Services, we will work with you to deliver the materials at your specifications.

When looking for a steel service distributor, it is important to look for a company that has the technical knowledge, capability, tolerance and the infrastructure to meet your specific requirements.

Fortunately, California Steel Services has been serving its clients from 1983, and it operates from a 6.5-acre facility entailing a 78,000 sq. ft warehouse and just added a new 87,493 square feet warehouse with state-of-the-art equipment. We have the technical know-how and the required infrastructure to meet your specific requirements. We provide steel distribution services ranging from road plates, mud truck plates, road construction plates, hot rolled plates including A-36 plates, A-516 Gr 70 plates, A-572 Gr 50 plates, and much more.

Because you are looking for quality products, you must consider the focus of the organization. Choose companies that are specialized to your specific industry. Look for the experience and expertise in all sorts of projects related to your business.

It is also important to scrutinize the range and quality of services the company offers. Naturally, you will want all your business requirements to be met by a single company. Business-wise, working with one company will save you money and time. It is also easier to monitor quality when you have one supplier serving you. By giving all your steel projects to one company, you will ensure there is uniformity with results. Before you consider a company, it is important to consider the diversity of the services it offers. California Steel Services specializes in the following services:

  • Steel Leveling: California Steel Services provides hot-rolled steel leveling and produces steel plates and sheets that stay flat after laser, plasma, or other thermal cutting or stamping operations. We level coils up to 100,000 pounds, ranging from 20 gauge to 1” thick, up to 96” wide and 600” long. Our cut-to-length leveling line with 800 HP straightener, 100 HP tension leveler, and in-line rotary shear produces ultra-flat, stay-flat, high-strength steel. We accurately level coils up to 100,000 lb., ranging from 14 gauge to 1” thick, up to 96” wide and 50’ long. The company has become one of the largest West Coast leveling services providers and a major supplier of prime hot rolled steel sheets and plates for construction, aerospace, and engineering projects in the region.
  • Forming: California Steel Services applies precise programming methods to control metal properties and to eliminate human errors to obtain given bend angles effectively. Our precise programming includes forming capabilities up to 6’’ and 40’ Length
  • Equalizing: California Steel Services turns coils with shape defects, such as waviness, center buckles, cambers, and twists, into flat, defect-free recoiled steel.
  • Slitting: California Steel Services provides a reliable precision in metal processing that has been trusted for many years. We provide a quality slitting service that will meet your company’s expectations and demands.
  • Laser Cutting: California Steel Services produces complex parts ranging from 0.03” to 0.75” thick. Our laser cutter creates parts with burr-free edges and virtually no distortion.
  • Plasma Cutting: When you demand accuracy, reliability and repeatability, California Steel Services is your perfect partner. With just a touch of the screen, we control your part’s shape, dimensions, and finishing details with an accuracy of 0.006”. Our automatic 24 tool changer allows us to eliminate cut-to-part station change, thus minimizing the production cycle and maintaining accuracy of drilling, counter boring, threading, beveling and tapping operations. The highly trained computer operators pre-program the production steps for multiple bends at different angles, no matter how complicated the project may be. The complete in-house production cycle ensures speedy delivery and competitive pricing for short and long run projects of any forming complexity.
  • Flat Bar Line: California Steel Services has a wide selection of quality UM plates and flat bars, ranging from 10 gauge to 0.5” thick, from 3” to 24” wide, and up to 40’ long. The programmable logic push button control panel, and many other advanced features make the production process of California Steel Services efficient and cost-effective for you, the customer.

As a steel service center that has worked with other distributors, manufactures, fabricators, contractors, California Steel Services will be perfect for your business.

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