The Benefits of Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting

The Benefits of Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting

Published on March 21st, 2023

When it comes to cutting and shaping metal, industrial fiber laser cutting is a method that is here to stay. You may be wondering what it is about fiber laser cutting that sets it above other options—and that’s what we’re here to explain! Read on to learn some of the benefits of industrial fiber laser cutting.


Fiber lasers feature a specialized design to produce highly accurate cuts and cut tolerances under a tenth of an inch. A highly focused beam of energy and a support structure built for near-imperceptible movement allow laser cutters to provide more accuracy than methods such as plasma cutting. This precision makes laser cutting the ideal option for applications where tight tolerances are musts, like aerospace or automotive engineering.


One benefit of industrial fiber laser cutting that we can’t understate is its speed. Fiber lasers slice their way through metal quickly and efficiently, which is a perfect feature for high-volume production runs. No one wants to wait longer than they need to for their parts to arrive, and laser cutting is an option that can get you your products quickly.


While fiber lasers can’t cut through everything, they can certainly cut through a lot. From several types of metal to wood to acrylic, industrial fiber lasers are tools with quite a range. Plus, though several ways to cut metal exist, some of those options can’t provide the additional features that come with laser cutting.

Cost Efficiency

The previous benefits may be enough on their own to convince some businesses to choose metal laser cutting services, but there is another benefit to consider! Laser cutting is a cost-effective cutting method. Due to its precision and speed, work gets done quickly and with minimal errors, producing less waste and minimizing materials costs.

Now that you know these benefits of industrial fiber laser cutting¸ get in touch with a professional laser cutting company like California Steel Services. We can help you quickly and precisely cut metal for your business.

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