The Importance of Steel Coil Processing Services

The Importance of Steel Coil Processing Services

Published on February 16th, 2023

When you have a project that requires steel coil, you need a facility that can cut that steel down to the proper size. However, that’s not the only service you need—leveling is also an essential step in this process. The team here at California Steel Service is full of steel processing experts, and we’re here to explain the importance of steel coil processing services.

Cutting Steel vs. Leveling Steel

When many people think about acquiring the steel they need, their first (and sometimes only) thought is about getting steel at the proper size. While that is certainly an essential step of the process, you must also be sure that the steel you receive is properly leveled. Steel cut to your desired size may wind up creating problems if those sheets or plates are not level.

In a perfect world, you’ll find a steel coil processing facility that can do both for you.

Minimizing Scrap

When steel that has not been leveled is cut, the internal stresses in the steel sheet or plate will cause deformation. While some instances of deformation will be slight enough that you can work with them, others may cause you to scrap the part. We want to make sure that you can use as much steel as possible, which is why we provide you with hot-rolled steel plates and sheets.

Top-Tier Processing Efficiency

The good news about hot-rolling steel is that it’s a more affordable leveling process than cold-rolling. We strive to offer top-tier steel at affordable prices, and using hot-rolling is one of the most effective ways to achieve that goal.

Our leveling machines pass steel through a series of tension rollers to achieve a flat result with minimal internal stress. We have our leveling process down to a science, so you can count on us to provide you with your steel in an expedient timeframe.

Now that you understand the importance of steel coil processing services, be sure to supply your facility with level steel plates and sheets. This simple step will save you countless hours of headaches and frustration, so send your coils to California Steel—we can help with all your toll processing needs.

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