Metal Gusset Plates

Gusset plates are thick sheets of steel used to retrofit structures together and strengthen joints.  It’s applied by welding, bolting, or riveting onto truss members or columns. 

California Steel Service offers premium metal gusset plates, which are ideal for reinforcing structures. Our custom gussets, crafted with precision, ensure durability and stability. Whether you need standard metal gussets or tailor-made steel gussets for specific projects, our team delivers quality solutions. Choose our metal gusset plates for reliable, long-lasting reinforcement in your construction endeavors. 


Certified to ASTM A-36, ASTM A-572-50, A-1011, and A-786.


Used to connect beams, truss members, and columns together.


Welding, cutting, and machining (holes or slots).

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Product Overview

A Steel Gusset plate is a plate for connecting beams and girders to columns. A gusset plate can be fastened to a permanent member either by bolts, rivets or welding or a combination of the three. They are used in bridges and buildings, as well as other structures. At California Steel Services, we stock a huge selection of Steel Gusset Plates in a variety of sizes, so you can be sure we will have the best steel gusset plates.

California Steel Services is a leading supplier of Steel Gusset Plates in the Western United States. Whether you are looking for large quantities of Steel Gusset Plates or individual Steel Gusset Plates, you can rely on California Steel Services to execute your order in a timely and professional manner. To meet the growing demand for its services, California Steel Services operates from a 7-acre facility entailing a 78,000 sq. ft warehouse with state-of-the-art equipment and recently added a new 87,493 square feet warehouse. We are ready to fulfill any demand.

Uses of Steel Gusset Plates

Steel Gusset plates are used for various structures. Steel Gusset plates are used to connect beams and columns or to connect truss members. They can be either the only way of connecting the beam and columns or they can be used with bolts and welds.

Steel Gusset plates are therefore used in most metal weight-bearing structures, but the material and size of the gusset plate varies based on the structure. Bridges usually require thick sheets of steel for their gusset plates, but trusses sometimes only require small sheets of aluminum for their gusset plate.

The size and strength of the gusset plate depends on size and the function of the structure. The larger the force on the connecting members, the larger the size of the gusset plate. Gusset plates provide an easy way to retrofit structures that can no longer safely support the applied loads.

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