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Z Purlins are also known as lipped zed, z section, zed sections, or z girt. Z purlins are formed with narrow flanges allowing each section to span or lap together to increase structural strength. They consist of horizontal beans that are used for wall joints and roofs when building shell structures. Their name originates from their resemblance to the letter Z; that structure helps overlapping joints create sturdier, stronger structures. Our girt and purlin products offer impeccable strength to roof and wall joint structures while saving on materials through reduced purlin height. Z purlins are often used on industrial and agricultural buildings, as their lightweight properties and versatility make them adaptable to various-sized buildings.


Certified to ASTM A-36, ASTM A-572-50, A-1011, and A-786.


Used in the construction industry for roof framing, supports, reinforcements, tracks.


Welding, cutting, and machining (holes or slots).

Available Stock Sizes

Length up to 20 ft.

Our metal purlins are ideal for various roofing types, including curved, skillion, and gable roofs. They operate as primary support structures in walls and roofs for pre-engineered buildings, providing a stable platform for a building’s interior and exterior finishes. Furthermore, agricultural buildings—including sheds, barns, and stables—also benefit from Z purlins due to their impeccable strength and stability factors.

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