Laser Cutting

“File to Part” Intricate Shape Cutting Services

Precision cutting of thin metals for industrial and engineering applications

At California Steel Services, we produce complex parts ranging from 0.03” to 0.75” thick. Our laser cutter creates parts with burr-free edges and virtually no distortion.

Laser Cutting Equipment

Bystronic BySprint Fiber 4020 Supporting Services
Laser 6,000 watts Forklifting up to 100,000 lbs
Cutting Table 72 inches x 156 inches Overhead Crane up to 30 ton
Material Thickness 0.03 inch to 0.75 inch Truck Weight Scale YES
Trucking Delivery YES

Common Questions We Asked

When should I opt for laser cutting services instead of plasma or water jet cutting?

The laser cutting service is the best option for complex parts that are 0.005" to 0.75" thick. The narrow laser cut (kerf) width created by material removal provides for efficient layout of parts (and more parts per sheet) with less material scrap waste than most other cutting methods.

Why should I ask for fiber laser cutting and not CO2 laser cutting?

Fiber laser, which is a solid-state laser, is becoming popular in the metal cutting industry. The fiber laser uses a solid gain medium, unlike the gas or liquid medium used in other laser technology. The “seed laser” produces a beam, which is amplified within a glass fiber. As the wavelength is only 1.064 micrometers, the spot size produced by fiber lasers is extremely small (up to 100 times smaller than that of the CO2 laser); this is ideal for reflective metal material and is a major advantage of opting for fiber lasers over CO2 lasers.

Why should I use California Steel Services for laser cutting?

We offer cost-effective solutions for rapid prototyping and for short- and long-run projects, so our services are a good alternative to metal stamping and plasma or water jet cutting.
Our Fiber Laser Cutting System is expedient, economical and environmentally friendly.

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California Steel Services was established in 1983. Over the years, the company has developed a great reputation and recognition within the steel industry for its services and product qualities. California Steel Services is operating from a 6.5-acre facility entailing a 78,000 sq. ft warehouse with state of the art equipment.


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