Plasma Cutting

From Idea to a Finished Part in One Take

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When accuracy, reliability, and repeatability are a must-have

We recognize today’s market demand for better cut-quality and closer part tolerances.

Complete Control Over Shape and Dimensions of Your Parts

With just a touch of the screen (literally), we control your part’s shape, dimensions, and finishing details with an accuracy of 0.006”.

Drilling, Tapping, Bevel Cutting in One Set-up

Automatic 24 tool changer allows us to eliminate cut-to-part station change, thus minimizing the production cycle and maintaining accuracy of drilling, counterboring, threading, beveling and tapping operations.

Plasma Cutting Equipment

Kinetic K5000XMC Supporting Services
Spindle assembly 48hp (30 kw) high speed spindle
with a cat 50 taper, 4000 rpm
Forklifting up to 100,000 lbs
Drilling up to 4 in, Overhead Crane up to 30 ton
Boring up to 8 un. Truck Weight Scale YES
Tapping 1 1/4 in. Trucking Delivery YES
Tool changer 24 tools (automated)
Machinery accuracy + / - 0.006 in./3 ft. (0.15 mm/m)

Common Questions We Asked

In which cases should plasma cutting be chosen over water jet or laser cutting?

Plasma cutting is a process in which an accelerated jet of hot plasma cuts through electrically conductive materials. The typical materials cut by this process include steel, aluminum, brass and copper, although other conductive metals can also be cut using this process.

Plasma cutting is the fastest and most economical way to cut thick ferrous and non-ferrous metal sheets (over 0.75 inches). For thin (less than 0.75 inches) metals, non-conductive materials and parts with intricate cuts made using laser cutting would be the best choice.

What does “CNC plasma table” stand for?

In the case of some plasma cutting devices, the cutter is built into the table. With the help of a CNC table, the torch head can be controlled via a computer to produce clean, sharp cuts. Modern CNC plasma cutters can make cuts along multiple axes in thick material, because of which even complex welding seams can be produced.

Why should I consider California Steel Services company for plasma cutting services?

Our state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutter is equipped with a smaller nozzle and a thinner plasma arc than is typically found in such cutters. We are capable of providing near-laser precision on plasma-cut edges for materials that are up to 6 inches thick. Our plasma cutting device includes a precision CNC station and 24 automatic tool changer, so we can guarantee the fabrication quality of the products, which require little or no finishing.

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