Structural Steel Supplier and Metalwork Fabricator

Welder at a structural steel supplier and metalwork fabricator.

California Steel Services is a highly experienced team of structural steel suppliers working to provide you with the best and most reliable structural steel you can find. Our structural metalwork services create high-quality steel that is perfect for large-scale work and smaller, more detailed jobs as well. We operate as structural steel fabricators for construction applications and offer fantastic strength-to-weight ratios for structural components in roads, buildings, bridges, and more. Structural steel consists of iron alloys and low amounts of carbon, providing high-tensile strength. This makes it perfect as a component for various types of infrastructure, tools, ships, machines, buildings, and more.

Our steel for structural metalwork incorporates the production of high-standard, well-designed structures and components. There are varying metals with their own grade systems, including iron, nickel, magnesium, and more. California Steel Services is proud to offer both A36 and A572 GR50 steel for construction. Architectural steel like this offers many benefits, including having higher heat resistance and strength capabilities. Furthermore, they offer versatility for creating custom carvings, shapes, and adornments.

Structural steel is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides functionality with higher levels of strength when compared to other materials, such as wood. Customers can also enjoy a higher degree of customization with structural metal fabrication; they can incorporate many designs and components to make any component stand out. With the combination of multiple processes, including welding, soldering, forging, casting, and more, customers can achieve versatility and flexibility.

California Steel Services focuses on being a reputable structural steel supplier that not only goes above and beyond for their customers but also provides low costs. That way, customers get the quality they deserve at competitive prices. If you wish to find out more about California Steel Services as a structural steel supplier, contact us today. Our experts will be happy to guide you in the right direction when it comes to what services you need.