Custom Fabricator and Metal Supplier for Machine Shops

Metal worker operating a milling machine in a custom fabrication shop.

When you are on the hunt for a reputable metal fabrication supplier, we at California Steel Services have exactly what you’re looking for. California Steel Services is an established metal supplier for machine shops that offers steel fabrication services in San Bernardino, California, and throughout the Western United States. We professionally plasma- and laser-cut steel customized to your specific needs and desires in our modern facility. Our facility processes high-quality industrial-strength steel, and all of our experts pay a painstaking level of attention to detail to ensure every product is up to your standards.

With our custom metal fabrication services, we can cut and mill a wide variety of high-quality industrial steel for commercial and structural purposes. The primary benefit of our metal fabrication services is that we centralize many processes that are often performed by various vendors, making us a primary location that helps contractors seamlessly complete complicated projects.

We set ourselves apart as a custom steel fabrication service by offering assistance with various applications across many industries, helping to create commercial and structural products. At California Steel Services, we can work with raw materials used for flat metals and convert them into their final products.

We operate as a metal supplier for machine shops to assist various industries, including automotive, construction, architectural, and aerospace. Our plasma- and laser-cutting services—which include cutting, drilling, boring, and milling—can help machine shops source the parts they need the most. Our team works with customers from varying sectors and tracks the cyclical nature of the industry for better net profit consistency and management.

Our knowledgeable and professional team will always be here to help you.