Heavy Equipment and Machine Steel Supplier

Plasma cutting operator in a heavy equipment and machine steel supplier.

As a heavy machine steel supplier, California Steel Services is proud to provide high-quality steel for construction. We believe in being a reputable company for supplying high-quality steel; our team is proud to drive the heavy equipment industry forward. Manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles and equipment requires the use of raw materials. Therefore, we provide exceptional service by cutting and forming bars and thick plates specifically required for heavy equipment manufacturing. At the same time, we continue investing in equipment and technology to reduce material waste and improve production efficiency.

California Steel Services provides consistent quality to improve each customer’s experience. By producing a variety of construction steel shapes, from simple to complex, we can fulfill the task at hand. Being a metal supplier for construction equipment manufacturers doesn’t just involve obtaining raw materials; we also focus on combining maximum strength without sacrificing quality to meet standards and regulations.

We at California Steel Services believe in providing steel for heavy machinery manufacturers at an affordable price. Our low costs offer a significant advantage to our customers. High-volume purchasing power allows us to get the best value in the steel processing market, and we transfer the low-cost advantages to our customers.

We take pride in our speedy project completion and dedicate ourselves to our customers by always working hard. Our services are based in San Bernadino, California. If you would like to know more about our heavy machine steel supplier services, contact our team today.