Steel Supplier for Safes and Vaults

When customers come to you for safes and vaults that will keep their possessions safe and out of the hands of thieves, you need to find someone you can rely on for the components for those products. California Steel Services is the steel supplier for safes and vaults that you can trust.

We have a wide selection of steel for safe manufacturers to choose from that will keep customers’ assets locked up and secure. We can provide safe metals that will give your products the strength they need, including A36 and GR80 structural steel, which will endure the pressures burglars try to put on the safes. We can even provide you with steel that will make the safes more visually pleasing so that people will be happier about adding it to their homes or offices.

But if you have clients with much more to protect than common valuables, California Steel Services can help you as well. We offer steel for vault manufacturers with clients such as banks and corporations that need to protect their funds and records from thieves. You can work with our metal forming team to get the steel you need to reinforce the concrete walls of your vault to keep its contents safe. When you use our steel for reinforcement, you will help your customers increase their own clients’ confidence in them. That, in turn, will benefit their own business and send them back to you for more.

When choosing the steel supplier for safes and vaults, make sure you go to California Steel Services. After 40 years of serving manufacturers and builders, our team has the experience and equipment to work with you to meet your manufacturing requirements and deliver the components you need to prevent theft and keep your clients’ items where they should be—locked up and safe. Depend on us when you need security.