Laser Cutting Service: Everything You Need to Know

Published on May 29th, 2020

Laser cutting is an advanced cutting process used for metal fabrication projects. In fact, laser cutting service is the best option to produce accurate and precise cuts for projects that require laser-level precision. 

How does it work? A high-intensity light, or laser beam, travels through a beam path and bounces in different directions until it is focused onto a plate. Once it is focused to a single pinpoint, that spot experiences extreme heat density and the heat is then capable of melting or even vaporizing material like steel. 

So just how accurate is laser cutting? Well, at California Steel Services, we produce complex parts ranging from 0.03” to 0.75” thick with burr-free edges and no distortion. Our laser cutting services involve a high-powered, highly-focused laser on account of our state-of-the-art machines that run the laser beams through the materials, piercing a hole with impeccable precision. The laser then cuts through the material, leaving a clean cut with a smooth finish.  California Steel Services laser is up to 6,000 watts, operates on a 72 inches x 156 inches cutting table, and can deliver 0.03-inch to 0.75-inch material thickness.

Quality to Expect From Steel Laser Cutting 

Man looking at results from metal laser cutting.

Metal laser cutting can produce precise cuts with zero distortion.

You may want to know what type of product you can expect from steel laser cutting. California Steel Services laser cutters use a focused, narrow beam that ensures highly precise cuts. They are programmed by a computer to give highly accurate cuts. During the process of our laser cutting service, the laser beam smoothes the cut, creating an overall high-quality cut that will be reliable in the manufacturing process and allows for intricate designs. 

How Does Metal Laser Cutting Compare to Other Cutting Processes?

Metal laser cutting is an extremely energy-efficient process and uses significantly less power than most other cutting systems. Laser cutters also produce more accurate and precise cuts than other cutting mechanisms. Laser cutting service is a faster process than cutting processes such as waterjet cutting. Additionally, the metal laser cutting service process is much safer for the operator than a free-running blade. And it is more precise on account of a combination of a focused laser beam and an assist gas (like oxygen or nitrogen). The latest technology for steel laser cutting includes a 10k laser that is faster and more cost-efficient than other types of laser cutting. Read more about the various types of laser cutting here

Can the Material be Damaged During the Laser Cutting Service Process?

Laser cutter service does not damage the materials being cut.  Laser cutters are extremely precise and focused, making the heat damage very minimal. The laser smoothes the cut as it is cutting, leaving no damage done to the surrounding area of the cut.

How California Steel Services Can Guarantee Premium Quality Every Time

Laser cutting service employees checking to ensure the best possible cuts.

Our laser cutting service is overseen by some of the most qualified experts in the industry.

We have been providing outstanding laser cutting services to its clients since 1983. To meet the growing demand for its services, California Steel Services operates from a seven-acre facility entailing a 78,000 sq. ft warehouse with state-of-the-art equipment and a new 87,493 square foot warehouse. 

Over the course of nearly four decades, our team has honed its skills across the board to deliver a quality product and measurable bottom-line value to our customers. California Steel Services also allows clients to submit DXF, DWG and NC1 files that can be uploaded to our computers for faster and more efficient service. Our assignments are completed to the required specifications and in time to meet the installation schedule.

We provide steel distribution services ranging from road plates, mud truck plates, road construction plates, hot rolled plates—including A-36 plates, A-516 Gr 70 plates, A-572 Gr 50 plates—and specialize in steel leveling,  forming, equalizing, slitting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and flat bar line. 

California Steel Services’ standard laser is up to 6,000 watts, operates on a 72 inches x 156 inches cutting table, and can deliver 0.03-inch to 0.75-inch material thickness. We also have a more advanced 10k laser that allows for faster processing times for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even non-ferrous metals, all with excellent cutting quality and high parts output. That means you get the same top-notch products but at a lower cost. Read more here.

Our machines produce precise cuts for the manufacturing industry, allowing vendors to create parts for various industries, including:

Metal laser cutting machine in action.

Our customers have the option of using our 6k standard laser or a more advanced 10k laser for their metal laser cutting needs.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics
  • Medical

Why Laser Cutting Is Ideal for Sheet Metal Fabrication

When choosing a cutting process for a sheet metal fabrication project, it is important to consider the capabilities of the tool you choose compared to the needs of your project. For many fabrication projects using sheet metal, laser cutting is the best choice. Here are some of the reasons why laser cutters are typically a good fit for sheet metal fabrication projects:

Speed and efficiency: Lasers can cut through materials very quickly. The exact speed will depend on tolerances and the intricacy of the parts. Cutting speeds can be increased even more through multi-head lasers or multiple lasers working at once.

Automation: The machines are entirely run by computer controls. A technician enters codes into the computer, leading to parts and products with little to no variation and significantly fewer defects.

High precision: Laser cutters have highly detailed capabilities and are able to create small cuts and tight tolerances. If you need intricate cuts, laser cutters are the best choice. They create smooth, sharp, and clean edges and curves. They will also produce little to no burring because the laser melts the material, rather than cutting it. Laser cutters are a great fit for sheet metal fabrication because they are precise and will create accurate, high-quality cuts.

Highly Versatile: The cost of operation, speed of the machine, and easy operation make laser cutters a good fit for any size product. Because laser cutters are accurate and precise, you can be sure that the result is of the highest quality. Laser cutters can cut through a wide variety of materials, including most metals, making it an ideal option for sheet metal fabrication. They can handle tight tolerances and intricate designs, ensuring that any project is within their reach. Laser cutters are also one of the fastest options for cutting sheet metal, ensuring that your project will be completed on time with minimal disruption.

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